About Domino for System i Single Logon
Domino for System i Single Logon is a security feature that provides password synchronization for users of Microsoft Windows, Lotus Notes, and i5/OS. This capability allows users to log on once and not have to separately log on to the Notes client or to iSeries Access.

You can obtain the Single Logon feature, installation instructions, and platform support information from the following Web site:

After you install Single Logon on the workstation and log onto Windows, the Windows password is used for authentication so that iSeries Access for Windows security can automatically connect to systems. Single Logon also integrates with the Lotus Notes security to provide the Windows password when opening Notes databases. The user IDs for logging onto Windows and i5/OS do not have to be the same as those for Lotus Notes, but the user IDs must all have the same password.

Note The Windows and i5/OS user IDs must be the same in order to log on to the system.

When it is time to change passwords, Single Logon synchronizes Windows, Notes, and selected i5/OS passwords. While changing the Lotus Notes password, the Windows and i5/OS passwords are also synchronized to the same value. This one-step process provides easy password management of all passwords and allows the Windows password to be used later for single logon. Windows users can also choose to change passwords using the Windows password services.

For an updated list of the Windows clients supported with this feature, see the following Web site: